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The Canna Financing Blog

Bookkeeping Tips For Your Dispensary

If you're a new or even established cannabis business, you're often bogged down in the day-to-day operations and concerns. Being an owner in this industry isn't easy, especially where all things...

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How to Calculate Your Cannabis Startup Costs

Launching a business can mean a fair amount of uncertainty and risk. How many customers can you expect to walk through the door? How can you get a leg up against competitors? Where should you devote...

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Is CBD Legal?

Few topics in the contemporary cannabis industry pose a future as intriguing as cannabidiol, a compound  simply referred to as CBD. Unlike the THC compound in marijuana which has psychoactive...

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Budgeting for Your Dispensary

While the cannabis industry has been red-hot as the pace of legalization grows across the United States, all dispensaries have found themselves on the wrong side of a ledger sheet during a...

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Payment Processing Options for Cannabis Businesses

Just a few years ago, almost every customer-facing cannabis product for sale had a hard "cash only" price tag. Luckily for consumers and producers alike, new laws and new innovations are making it...

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Getting Started: CBD vs THC

While recreational and medical cannabis consumers alike find many reasons to enjoy themselves, two particular compounds are most often at the center of their use: cannabidiol, or CBD, and...

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