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The Canna Financing Blog

Cannabis Inventory Management Best Practices

Cannabis farmers, cultivators, trimmers, processors, extractors, packagers, laboratories, and especially dispensaries face unique challenges in tracking their inventory. Seed-to-sale inventory...

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How to Get a Marijuana Cultivation License

In 46 states of the United States and all the provinces of Canada, cannabis has been legalized in at least some of its forms.

Marijuana is big business, and at least on the state level in most...

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Cannabis Equipment Financing vs. Leasing

Cannabis offers growth opportunities for dispensaries, cannabis growers, manufacturers, and distributors, with a market value of nearly $100 billion, projected by 2026. However, growth in your...

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Real Estate Loan Options for Your Cannabis Business

Cannabis is so popular that it’s now tied into a multitude of lucrative business opportunities for dispensaries, growers, product manufacturers, and distributors. With a projected market value of ...

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Cannabis Business Insurance You Need in 2022

The cannabis industry is exploding in popularity. Similar to other enterprises, companies doing business in the cannabis space need insurance. However, the specific cannabis business insurance that...

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Which Dispensary POS Softwares Are There?

As a new startup, you need a medical cannabis POS software solution that will meet your needs now and in the future. While every business has point of sale (POS) solutions, it can be particularly...

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